Tell the Municipal Pension Plan Board you're concerned about the proposed changes to your pension & want a board seat for the BCGEU

As a contributing BCGEU member of the MPP, you should know that our union:

  • Was not permitted to vote directly or independently on the proposed redesign;
  • Supports some aspects of the proposed redesign, however
  • Overall, is concerned with the proposal because of three particular concessions that fail BCGEU members.

These pension changes have big impacts for you and your family, and that’s why your help is needed now.

Our union created this simple tool for you to quickly tell your MPP Board and Trustees how you feel about the proposed pension changes, and to demand that BCGEU be given a seat at the decision-making table. The more of us MPP-contributing BCGEU members who write to the Board, the more likely they are to listen to us.

Can you take one minute, right now, to complete this form? We’ve included everything to get you started. Once you’re finished, an email will be sent directly to the MPP Board and Trustees.

Your pension is proposing changes that affect you